Writing headings and subheadings in Title Case has become the norm, especially in blogging, but it may not suit every blog or purpose. Each time a website links to your website using only your URL address (example: http://www.seocompany.com), if that URL is partially made up of keywords, it provides a boost to Google search results. Because Google likes sites that link out to good quality content, publishing your own curated content can be a very smart move. For example, imagine that you have a technical product in the B2B (business to business) space.

Make Your Website More Friendly to Search Engines by considering googlebot crawlers

SEO is not finished when you start seeing results. Make Full Use Of Business Do your homework! The primary resources are all available here. Its as simple as your ABC's & Website Reviews - Google, Yahoo and Bing (in fact, all search engines) take reviews extremely seriously. Generally external backlinks are those links that link to your site or any of its pages/content and these links are counted as if those sites are vouching for your site's high quality. Perhaps the hacking in this case means parting from traditional marketing realms and roles.

Lessons I learned about search engine spiders

Instead of Internet-based churn and burn we'll be focusing on building equity in the Internet. So if you see some highly-paid SEO consultant telling you to use software and spun content to generate links, or when you see some blackhatter beating the system, just know that it's not worth it. We're going to build authority and get traffic fast, but we're going to do it in a way that doesn't disappear or cripple your site in the future. As more websites build content around certain terms, they become more competitive. If they don't, your site may be penalized. Anchor text can take a number of different forms from keyword related anchors, to branded anchors, to normal URLs.

A do-it-yourself guide to search engine spiders

You probably know the following situation: you search something on Google and there seems to be a good website on the first results page. You click through to the website just to find out that the page seems to consist of ads and boilerplate text (or even worse: 'lorem ipsum' text). Once you've identified opportunities you'll want to decide on whether to create a new page from scratch or to make changes and improvements to one of your current web pages. Google is looking for answers to the user's query that provides the answer to the question in a succinct manner. Formatting your HTML and providing content that clearly answers the question will help you rank well. Google hates link schemes. Gaz Hall, a SEO Consultant, commented: "You can create a list of the best tools for increasing productivity, or a list of the best books covering productivity topics."

The first indication should be hosting location

You should also monitor trends to see what popular long tail keywords people are searching for and make sure you monitor social media as well. There are numerous ways to monitor trends you can use Google's own Trends search tool, YouTube's keyword search tool and there's many more methods you can use as well. You A great example that I like to use is OSOO. can add the site to these Tools by going to optimisation > sitemaps and submitting your XML map from there. You can see who registered a website, where they're hosting it, and how many site managers they have. You have probably asked yourself, many times, "How do I build backlinks to my website for the best SEO results?"